Meet My Students

I couldn't do what I do without the amazing roster of students here at the studio. Here are just some of the students who have made Pro Guitar Studio part of their guitar journey.

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Meet Rob McNamara

Rob McNamara

The first couple years I tried on my own… 

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Meet Alex Cronin

Alex Cronin

The biggest improvement has been just being able to...

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Meet Ian Jones

Ian Jones

I found you actually listened to what I had to say...

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Meet John Tremblay

John Tremblay

One thing I have gotten into in the last year, six...

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Meet Rory O’Brien

Rory O’Brien

I still come out of here wanting to play, rather than...

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Meet Shelley Saunders

Shelley Saunders

I feel like I’ve progressed a lot quicker, I think mostly...

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Meet Neeraj Vashist

Neeraj Vashist

​I find the lessons very motivating, so I go home and...

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Meet Bryan Ong

Bryan Ong

I’ve enjoyed every aspect of the lessons, from song...

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Meet Ashley Downey

Ashley Downey

I’ve been trying to excel at guitar for years now...

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Meet Dan Giroux

Dan Giroux

I’m a passionate music lover who could no longer put...

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Meet Carl Wilson

Carl Wilson

I am in my late forties and have been learning the...

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Meet Peter den Ouden

Peter den Ouden

I can honestly say I really doubt I would have improved...

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